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P h o t o g r a p h y

Here at Beadle Bop & Company we specialize in Bulk Editing, Negative Digitalization and Restoration, Portraiture, Real Estate, and Product Photography with as little hassle as possible for the client. Our one goal is to create the best representation without disrupting your entire day / week / month / year. Whether this is selling your home / hard earned product for your business or capturing that beautiful moment of your life - we want it to be memorable.


Memorable in real estate and product photography is often defined by sales. Beadle Bop and Company has had more than five years of success in a service area that started in Northern Door County, Wisconsin and has grown to include neighboring Kewaunee and Brown Counties. Small projects and big projects are treated with the same amount of excitement and vigor. If you are a small business with five products or a major corporation, a small cabin in the woods or a large waterfront property - your success is our success.


Portrait photography is measured in beautiful, precious moments that can only be repeated with great difficulty. Our services in this area consist of modern newborn photography and other milestones. Capturing the tiniest toes to that awkward teenage senior portrait are moments that can’t be forgotten. These are life events that Beadle Bop & Company began capturing more than ten years ago in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Our service area has since changed to Door County, Wisconsin but our joy of these moments has only increased. (FYI, we do not offer wedding photography at this time and don’t plan to. Please don’t ask.)


Negative digitalization and restoration is a specialty near and dear to the heart of our company. Once upon a time, we were gifted over 7,000 180mm negatives from a family member with the one goal: preservation. What happened next was astounding. Cousins, family friends, and distant relatives came out of the woodwork with shock, joy, and wonder at what was found. Stories that had never been heard before were shared and those in the photographs were identified, remembered, and loved once again. It was a beautiful moment that we at Beadle Bop & Company hope to give to others as well. So if you find that dusty old shoe box at the back of the closet - don’t throw it out. Look inside and wonder whose story you’ve stumbled upon. 


To schedule a no cost consultation please email us at: info@beadlebopandcompany.com and please put what type of photographic service interests you in the subject line.


V i d e o g r a p h y     * C o m i n g   S o o n * 

We are proud to share that we will be expanding our services by including Video in 2019! Areas of focus will include real estate photography, commercials, and small scale events. This is an exciting new adventure for Beadle Bop & Company and would like to keep you informed of when this will be available. For up to date information join our newsletter or check us out on Facebook.


We simply cannot wait for this new addition to the family!



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D e s i g n

It is no secret that most casual wine sales are determined by the ‘coolness’ of the label. 


Little projects, big projects they all come down to the same thing - all businesses need something that is iconic, eye catching, intriguing, effectively communicates their message, and ultimately sells product. Here at Beadle Bop & Company we have created small logos to large murals, each meeting the clients needs and uniqueness while being creative. 


We are not interested in just making what is popular that day but something that is more evergreen for your business. We want to make designs that effectively move your brand forward without sacrificing your past. Your business has worked hard to establish itself, lets keep that momentum going. 


Take a look at what has been on the slate for the past several months in the gallery below and let us know what we can do for you.


S o c i a l      M e d i a

Social Media services from Beadle Bop & Company are reserved for not-for-profits. Not-for-profits often require a different method when it comes to our digital madness. Instead of products - there’s programming, instead of clients - they have donors, and almost always on a shoestring budget.


Beadle Bop & Company has the fortunate knowledge of how not-for-profits work via an advanced history and education in Arts / Not-for-Profit Management and experience. We also understand the delicate dance between what a not-for-profit can and cannot do, as well as, what a not-for-profit can and cannot afford.


Creating and maintaining virtual connections for your not-for-porfit will generate more and more real world connections everyday. It is the language we now speak, it is the place we go for answers at 3am. Our virtual presences are the new newsboys standing on the street corners getting the attentions of constituents, donors, and future collaborators.


To hear how Beadle Bop & Company can help your not-for-profit reach and hold the attentions of your audience, simply start the conversation at info@beadlebopandcompany.com. 


(Please put ‘social media’ in the subject as well as your not-for-profit’s name.)

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