Forgotten Series 1/10

Forgotten Series 1/10


Artwork: FORGOTTEN Series 1/10

Medium: Digital Print on Aluminum

Size: 24in x 36in x 1.5in

FORGOTTEN is a photographic collection of hidden, forgotten, and lost places in Door County, Wisconsin, soon to be available in fall of 2019. Prints from the book are of a very limited addition. Ten (and only ten) will be printed and available to the public.

An excerpt from the book:

Known for its beauty Door County has many treasures. Increasingly over the past years the most vulnerable have been disappearing. They first became abandoned structures - then were completely erased from the landscape.

What stories and histories are going with them? Who lived there, who called it home? Was it a big family? Did they measure their height against a doorframe as the children got older?

Why did they leave?

What FORGOTTEN contains is not an argument for saving lost causes. Many of these buildings are far beyond repair and would be outright dangerous to one’s health if attempted.

It is only a simple request that the places photographed within should be remembered.

Prints from the FORGOTTEN series include shipping and will be shipped directly including wall mounting instructions. Prints on aluminum do not feature a frame as their shadow provides one on its own.

If an over charge occurs you will be reimbursed.

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