Gluten Free Banana Bread MIX

Gluten Free Banana Bread MIX


Here at Beadle Bop & Company we believe that in order to live well we need to eat well. The latter is sometimes harder for some of us than it is for others. Hopefully, our new line of irresistible gluten free mixes will make things easier. Packed with flavor our banana bread mix is the perfect thing for those frozen, black bananas at the bottom of your freezer. You will rejoice that, finally, Gluten Free doesn’t have to taste like chemicals and sadness!

The best ingredients available are packaged in a kitchen that has never seen a spec of gluten, we can assure you that you are safe. Clear and easy instructions are on the back of the package to ensure a fabulous treat with no special equipment required.

This product is a MIX not a finished baked good. Examples of the final product are shown for display only.

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